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Reach casino visitors in the US and connect with US-based customers for the Latin American, Mexican, and Caribbean Markets

When prospecting for casino customers, there’s no need to take a risk.
We have the experience and the know-how to attract high value casino customers.
The partnership of CTEK and IOOC will develop the roadmap to strategically plan, execute, and complete your marketing initiatives in the US, to achieve profitable results.

Here’s how WE Do IT:

To attract US casino customers to Latin America, we use targeted direct mail.

We can select geography within range of the Mexican border where the drive time is convenient.

We can select geography around airports for regions in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Mexico where customers travel by air.

We can use a combination of geography and drive time to create the optimal trading area.

If you have an existing database, we can use demographic analysis to understand your customer base and define your trading area. From there, we can find look-alike customers who have expressed interest in gaming.

If you don’t have an existing database, we can use a combination of geographics, demographics, propensity models, and self-reported interest in gaming to develop a list of best prospects.

Working with your creative assets, we will design a marketing campaign to capture the prospect’s attention.

Using irresistible offers, we can help you turn those prospects into customers.

We can target tournaments and tie into your promotion calendar.

We can help you reach back out to prior customers to invite them back to your property.

some of the available gaming selects:

Propensity models represent a household’s likelihood to have an interest in casino gambling. For example:
  • Self-reported interest in casino gambling
  • Use of casino-style gaming apps
  • Visitors to a brick and mortar casino
  • Interest in lottery gaming
We can use these selects individually or in combination for a refined and optimized result.

We can overlay other interests such as golf to create a sports-gaming profile.

Using a combination of geography and behavior profiling, we will work with you to create a return-on-investment analysis to structure the budget.

direct mail campaign services include:

List acquisition, creative design, print production, personalization, and postage.

We will select the direct mail formats that will work hardest to secure response within the budget.

Campaign execution can be in English and/or Spanish.

dATA Related:

If there is an existing partner database, perhaps from a hotel, we can append a special select of travelers who have taken a self-reported casino-related vacation. This information can help us target hotel customers who are best prospects for the casino.

A partner database might include:
  • The entire database
  • Just addresses (no names)
  • Just zip codes
All data we receive is absolutely confidential and not shared, with no exceptions.
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